Saturday, November 20, 2010

The change we need

In recent decades both Americans and Europeans have been investing their pride, self-esteem and hopes for a better life and more security in three sacred cows:

 their jobs, their homes and the investment of their monies.

with the recent economic downturns, all three sacred cows have suffered considerable indignities. Perhaps nowhere has the impact of the collapsing economy on the life of "sacred cows worshipers" (read us) have been more evident than in case of the lay-offs and terminations of workers whose jobs are being made redundant due to lack of movement in financial and investment markets. Workers affected by this "freezing" of the labor market both in Europe and in the United States have faced unemployment or underemployment. But it is not necessary to be traumatized spiritually, psychologically, financially, or emotionally, loose self-esteem and the ability to effectively cope under the new circumstances. What can be done about it is the subject of the next Wednesday's seminar at Aventine. See you there.

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