Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next 21st Century Jobs seminar in Prague: 10 November, 2010

We are well into the current 21st Century Jobs seminar, and the participants are digging into their own dreams, goals and abilities to discover the job they can like and do best. Here's an example of the kind of accomplishment that the participants are writing. They write 10 of these accomplishments and then analyze them to make a grid of their common traits, skills, values and abilities.

1.  As the Director of Career Services at a major metropolitan university in New York City, I planned, organized, developed and evaluated a comprehensive career development center, offering programs and services that met the needs of students looking for jobs that best suited their career options and goals.

2. As a result, the students had ample opportunity to plan their careers, beginning in the first year of university studies, enabling them to pursue internships, summer jobs, volunteer positions, coursework and after-school jobs that enhanced their career growth.

3. Therefore I can help people to discern their career vision, to evaluate their personal skills, abilities, talents and accomplishments, and to find the job they can like and do best.

The next meeting of this seminar will be at 6 PM on Wednesday, 10 November at 1800 at Aventin Restaurant, Purkynova 53/4, Praha 1, near the Narodni Trida metro stop.

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