Saturday, January 22, 2011

Your Career Future in a climate of economic of uncertainty

Too many people who've been laid off or let go from their jobs are unable to secure new jobs that provide a reasonably good fit between their skills, experience, values and goals and the needs of the potential employer. Quite a few of these people remain unemployed because they have been looking for the "wrong jobs" in the wrong way, or they can only find a job that's such a poor match that they are underemployed, not using their potential and thus not contributing to the employer in ways that are healthy, rewarding and productive. Some of these highly qualified, competent and well-educated experienced individuals are having difficulties in securing a suitable opportunity for employment because they did not take time to match their spectrum of skills, values, interests and potential with the vital, newly emerging , urgent needs of businesses, organizations or institutions.During our next seminar session we will explore why it is not wise to skip some essential steps in our job search. Concepts of managing change, business ethics, transparency and principles of effective leadership and management will be modeled and evident throughout this session, and will be reinforced in a debriefing session which will follow with the seminar facilitator. Participants will be able to clarify new information, ask questions and share insights into topics covered to date.

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