Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in Prague!

We spent the past winter in Florida, catching up with friends and taking care of some business. That time was a holiday for us, in terms of delivering our career development programs, though we continued to think about (and offer free advice to our friends and family regarding) the relationship between your career and your purpose in life.

Since returning to Prague in the spring of 2013, we have spent considerable time in redefining our own purposes, as our lives have changed and developed. 2012 and early 2013 have been busy and eventful times for us in our professional and personal lives, calling for a review of our previous goals and a thoughtful analysis of potential new goals, as we refine our purpose. We've started a new blog on the topic of purpose (determineyourpurpose.blogspot.com).

Just this past Saturday, we held a reunion for our 2012 Redirect participants. This meeting was a time to reflect on the changes and accomplishments of the past year, and to begin to set new goals. We talked about the importance of knowing your purpose in life, and that fact that purpose often evolves over time into something new, as we achieve our goals and set new ones.

From the Redirect reunion came one key insight into the concept of defining and fulfilling your purpose:

Having a clear purpose does not put you into a straight jacket, unable to respond to new opportunities!

In fact, having a clear purpose will help you recognize and sort out what opportunities come your way. Each day brings its share of ideas and chance encounters that may be developed into something exciting and rewarding. It's simply not possible to respond with equal enthusiasm and energy to every attractive or important chance that you may spot. Having a purpose gives you a framework and point of reference form which to evaluate opportunities, so that you are not overwhelmed and indecisive about ideas that are clearly not for you, at the moment.

Our participants gave us positive feedback on their Redirect experiences and urged us to keep offering the program. They found it interesting and useful to take time for analysis of their past accomplishments, skills and values, and to set one major goal for the coming year.

Our Redirect participants gave us some career and personal updates:
  • One Redirect participant left a business job that was unsatisfying and made a career change to university teaching. She is pursuing a PhD to help her advance in this new career and is steadily making her move into entrepreneurship, balancing this with personal and family decisions.
  • Another Redirect participant is directing an exciting new project in her career field, while still completing her education and continuing with her previous job. Some changes in her personal life gave her the time and energy to pour into building her career, and to carefully consider some options for a semester or year of study in another country, to enlarge her vision.
  • Another Redirect participant is moving from volunteer work to a business career, using her past experience and skills in another country to set up a new business venture here in Prague. She is also refreshing her abilities in her third language, in anticipation of future business endeavors.

With all this in mind, we will be offering the Redirect program very soon. Please check back here to find out the dates, or email us at purpose@ili.cc for more information.

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