Friday, December 2, 2011

Looking Ahead, again

In January 2011, Sara and I hosted a small "Looking Ahead" program in our flat in Vinohrady. When we started the program, two of the participants had jobs they thought were secure. But within the next few months, both these people were looking for a new job.

Why do I tell this story? To illustrate that no one's career is 100% certain. Relying on your current job, no matter how much you like it or how secure you may feel in it, is not a good strategy in a competitive global economy, where everyone's jobs are tied together at some level.

To keep your job-search skills up-to-date, and to continue to learn how to meet your own career and life goals, we recommend a yearly "refresher" career development program. "Looking Ahead" is just four sessions, twice a week for 2 weeks. But in those 4 sessions, we can help you pinpoint your career dreams, understand your own motivation and purpose in life, and add some job-search skills to your portfolio.

Join us for this "Looking Ahead"! Each session is from 7-9 PM, at our flat in Vinohrady. Cost is 800 kc.

Here are the dates: Monday, Jan. 9; Thursday, Jan. 12; Monday, Jan. 16 and Thursday, Jan. 19.

Call me at 736-645-729 for more details.

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