Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some success stories

We've offered out "21st Century Jobs" career seminars in Prague since last September, and there are some success stories for our participants:
1. "Honza" has taken a new sales job after some serious reconsideration of his life options.
2. "Radek" is happily unemployed and taking his time to choose a new job after leaving a job he was bored with and where he felt unfulfilled.
3. "Dana" has quit her job where she was not treated with honesty and found a fantastic new job on another continent.
4. "Iveta" still has the same job, but now feels prepared for whatever may happen as the firm she works for experiences some difficulties in getting new clients.
5. "Luisa" found a wonderful consulting assignment that has led to a job offer.
6. "Tomas" has come to understand his career options and his most valuable accomplishments.
7. "Mirek" has a new perspective on career possibilities in Prague and can better advise job seekers as to how to proceed in this job market.

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