Saturday, April 16, 2011

New "Your Next Job" program begins in May

In March, we held a joint "graduation" exercises for participants in both the "Your Next Job" and "Looking Ahead" programs of the 21st Century Jobs seminars.
  • "Your Next Job" is the more nitty-gritty program, with an emphasis on getting a job you can like and do best in fewer than 60 days.
  • "Looking Ahead" is somewhat softer, focusing on gaining self-knowledge and goal-setting.
Both programs were successful, in that the participants ended up with new attitudes, skills and contacts to help them in their careers.

In the process of being part of the programs, 2 people unexpectedly decided to leave their jobs, and one decided to work toward starting her own business. Another participant was promoted, and one person stopped smoking! This is not a "stop-smoking" program, but when you examine yourself and your life so far, it can cause you to make some big changes.

The next 4-session program begins in May. We'll give you details on the upcoming informational session at Aventin Restaurant near Na Prikope.

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