Friday, August 6, 2010

New Continent, New Job Seminars

My wife and I have just moved to Prague, Czech Republic. Our business, the International Leadership Institute, has been operating in the U.S. (mainly in Florida) and the Czech Republic since 1990, after the collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia. We run educational programs that assist participants in developing key leadership skills. These five programs (listed beginning with our first programs) are the core of our business:

1. Executive Education for Czech & Slovak Business Leaders (1990--1997). These programs, run in conjunction with the Czech Ministry of Industry & Trade, the Jacksonville, Florida Chamber of Commerce, the University of North Florida, and hundreds of American companies (such as General Electric, Barnett Bank, the Port of Jacksonville, Westinghouse, Toyota, and Ford), gave Czech and Slovak executives the opportunity for hands-on experience in Western business strategies and techniques. The participants lived with American host families, attended university classes and had an internship with an American company in a corresponding industry.

2. US AID/US Department of State Agency for International Development (1995-2004). These training programs, delivered on behalf of US AID, gave executive participants from Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Macedonia the chance to be part of the American way of life. Through business meetings, tours, receptions and recreational activities, the participants became better acquainted with American ways of doing business. The participants developed leadership and career-related skills through program activities and exercises.

3. Travel-and-Learn Programs (1990-present). These programs combine tourism with opportunities to meet people, learn about the history, social life, politics and religions of the countries visited. Travel-and-Learn programs have visited Florida, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Colorado, Wyoming, Germany, Utah, Arizona, Austria, Slovakia, Tennessee, and New York City, among other countries. Participants can be any age, of any nationality.

4. English Language Immersion Programs (1990-present). These programs give participants the chance to learn English in the U. S. Living with a host family, as well as attending cultural events and educational activities, gives participants the opportunity to gain fluency in English. Two years of previous English study in school is required. Leadership and career development activities are included in these programs.

5. 21st Century Jobs Seminars (2009-present). These programs have been developed out of our 30-year experience in helping people find the job they can like and do best. The book 21st Century Jobs is used for the seminars, which consist of exercises and activities that have been proven to help people advance in their careers.

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