Friday, February 26, 2010

Doing what you are good at and enjoy doing is the key to your career satisfaction. The biggest changes in the 21st century are the speed and unpredictability with which the labor market changes. The most hopeful aspect of the new opportunities the new 21st century economy provides is the fact that, if we take time to find out who we are and what we can offer, and are ready to put our qualifications to work, we will most likely find the opportunity to do so.


  1. You just reminded me of someone I believe has been a great influence. For the longest time I have was torn between doing what I love and "job security." I have made a couple attempts at small businesses while working dead-end jobs. Other times I just get ideas that I haven't acted on.

  2. Well, and that's why self-evaluation process is such an important part of career development. If done correctly it will help us to know exactly what are our priorities at a particular stage of life we are in, and what would be the right career change for us in order to reach our full potential. Concerning a small business idea, the President is creating the right economic climate for starting a new small business or jump starting an already existing business.